About Us

The Selects program invests considerable time ensuring that each boy/girl invited to try out is an elite caliber player.

The Selects started with a single team in 1991 and a budget of $6000.00. In 2016, we have 10 levels from Novice to Bantam Major including two girls levels. The program Starts with an invitation to try-out for a team in April. With approximately 30-40 candidates the evaluation process is completed and the team selected. Some teams are preselected during the winter. The team will then practice and play exhibition games to prepare for the tournaments.

The Coaches and Officials of the Selects are selected from Volunteers who have played, coached or have been involved in hockey at an elite level. These people come to the Selects because of their high dedication to youth hockey. Many are involoved with the Western hockey League as scouts and others instruct and coach hockey and skating at elite levels.

The program fees charged by the Selects are nominal and are used to cover such things as ice time, entry fees, equipment, insurance and coach expenses. Each player's family is responsible for all travel costs to the tournament. Our annual budget is over $100 000.00, much of which is raised by fund-raising efforts. The players contribution is usually only one third of the value of what he/she receives. The selects are a registered non-profit society,run by volunteers. All funds are used to the maximum benefit of the players involved.

Major Principles on which the Selects program is built on are:

  • Each player invited to the Selects program is pre-scouted or recommended to ensure that they are an elite caliber hockey player so that the Association can concentrate its full attention on forming the best team possible.
  • The focus is on the development of a well-balanced team made up to talented players that will be capable of winning at the elite level.
  • The program aims to make the experience a positive one for the player, their family and team.
  • The advancement of hockey skills also includes the development of character and Selects Association places high value on the development of positive life skills that will be valuable to each player in their growth as a person.

For more information please free to contact us at tfragle@shaw.ca.